Football Betting Futures For New Gamblers

Futures are a unique form of gambling which is very different from handicapping or spreading betting. They are all about attempting to predict the future by making a wager on the outcome of a particular football competition or series rather than a single match or game. Futures have very high odds, are incredibly risky and take months to conclude. 

Despite the high-risk nature of this style of wagering, futures are one of the most popular forms of football gambling. Bookmakers regularly accept the millions worth of action on their futures markets. Let’s look more closely at what exactly a futures bet is, why they are worth trying out, and some disadvantages that you should pay attention to.

What is a Football Futures Bet?

A futures bet is a type of wager where a punter gambles on the result of a sports event far away in the future. The most popular type of such football bets is wagering on a particular team to win the competition, for example, gambling on Chelsea to win the FA Cup.

The key distinction between a single and a futures bet is that futures bets are not made on single games but on series. This type of gambling allows punters to have an active bet for months and enjoy watching multiple football games while having money is at risk. This also means that the bet won’t conclude for a long time and sometimes an entire year. 

Why Should You Try Football Futures Gambling?

Punters of all types love football futures, and that is because of the amazingly high odds on offer. Thanks to a single futures wager, you could receive 100 or even 300 to 1. Who wouldn’t like the chance to win thousands off a $10 stake? You will never find such high odds when wagering on single football matches.

The other reason you should try out this type of wagering is the sustained thrill you get from this bet. A futures bet isn’t over when a single match finishes. It can last for months and months as the season progresses. By placing one bet, you get to experience the prolonged excitement of having money at risk, which can enhance your football-watching experience throughout the competition.

Disadvantages of Futures

Prediction wagers are very difficult to win as predicting an event months or even a year in advance is very difficult. Also, in certain football competitions, underdog teams have essentially no chance of winning, so while punters may be attracted to the long odds, they are essentially throwing money away.

Another downside is the high fees, also known as juice involved. Futures typically have the highest fees compared to other forms of bets, which means even if you do win consistently, the bookmaker’s juice will reduce your edge. The high fees are the reason why many professional gamblers stay clear of such wagers and prefer handicap bets.

The final disadvantage of this style of betting is the lengthy time horizon, as it may take months before your wager is over and you know the result. They are not suitable for punters who are looking for fast action and quick payouts.

Time to Place a Wager!

Prediction bets are definitely a high-risk wager, but punters are rewarded for their courage with very high odds and potentially mouthwatering payouts. They also can make the football competition very interesting to follow as every match can impact your wager. Futures are great for punters who don’t mind waiting months for their wager to conclude and are looking to chase big payouts via small stakes. If that sounds like you, then check out all our football futures markets today!