In-Play Football Betting – 101

Over the years, in-play gambling, also known as live betting, has exploded in popularity. This type of wagering allows gamblers to wager on football contests as they are being played. It gives punters the opportunity to study the teams as the game unfolds and alter their wagers accordingly.

Punters love placing in-play football bets because it often presents superior odds than pre-match betting, and many sites will allow customers to live stream the games for free! 

How To Make In-Play Football Wagers?

Making in-play wagers is the same as putting on standard wagers. You simply select the type of bet you would like to place, enter your stake and place the bet. The only thing you need to keep an eye on with in-play gambling is that the odds are constantly shifting, so ensure you double-check the odds before you click confirm. Otherwise, you could be stuck with a poor wager. 

Punters can find live gambling markets for all of the major leagues, including the EPL, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Serie A, and the Champions League. Gamblers can make a variety of wagers, including match result, half-time winner, next goal and picking a player to score. 

Why You Should Use In-Play Wagering

Did you know that live gambling is responsible for the majority of football gambling? Every match, millions of dollars are being wagered on the result.

Gamblers love the ability to wager on live games because it allows them to assess the game and get a feel for how the players and teams are looking before they decide to fire a bet. If they see that a star player is looking a bit sluggish, they may quickly gamble on the underdog and win a nice bit of cash.

During live gambling on football, the odds are constantly changing as bookmakers attempt to price in new events as they unfold. This is a very difficult task, and many punters are able to stay a step ahead of the bookies and find great odds that simply aren’t available when placing pre-match wagers. For example, if a gambler can place a bet just before the referee hands out a red card, they can secure amazing odds.

Another reason so many gamblers are drawn to in-play football wagering is the ability to live stream the matches. If a customer doesn’t have access to certain matches thanks to gambling sites, they can easily tune in and catch all the action in HD. Most sites will allow customers to watch matches as long as they have placed a bet or have a positive account balance.

In-Play Football Gambling Tips

First of all, before you start making live bets on football, you should allocate a certain amount of money you are comfortable losing. The last thing you want to do is lose too much and ruin your day or even week.

When placing in-play bets, you should stay away from accumulators and parlays. This is where you combine multiple single bets into one that only pays out when all single wagers are correct. While accumulators offer crazy high payouts, sometimes 300 to 1, they are far too risky and are akin to lottery tickets. If you want to win money when live betting, stick to single wagers.

Seasoned live football gamblers will typically study a match for 10 to 20 minutes so they can see how the sides match up and then place a bet. It is wise during those 20 minutes to analyze star players and keep an eye on how the teams’ defensive lines are holding up.

Finally, you want to keep a close eye on the odds. After a key event, the odds can fluctuate wildly. If you study them closely, you may be able to identify a great opportunity to place a great wager.