Popular Football Gambling Strategies

If you have dreams of randomly gambling on football matches and then sitting on your couch as the money rolls in, you are in for a rude shock. Winning money over the long term via sports wagering is not easy as you are not only trying to beat professional traders who are setting lines but also the gambling sites’ fees. 

However, some gamblers are able to make a living betting on football thanks to their ability to exploit inefficiencies in the market. Professional punters use a variety of different strategies to profit off the football wagering markets; the common strategies are listed below:

Use a Betting Exchange

When making a standard football wager, you are trying to beat the site that sets the line. If you win, the sports site pays. Well, a betting exchange flips that traditional strategy on its head. With it, you can act as your own bookmaker and set money and accept wagers. If you win, you keep the gamblers’ money, but if you lose, you have to pay. Betting exchange platforms act as a middleman between customers laying and making bets. For this service, they charge a fee. 

A lot of seasoned football gamblers will make a wager on a betting site and then lay off a similar wager on a betting exchange as a hedging strategy to reduce risk, similar to what banks and investment firms do when trading. For example, a football gambling hedging strategy may be betting Arsenal to win the match but then laying off a wager that they don’t score more than 3 goals.

Become a Specialist

Professional football gamblers often specialize in a certain bet type or a particular league. If you dedicate a huge number of hours studying a less popular football league such as the Belarusian Premier League, you very well could become more knowledgeable about that competition than the professional bookmakers. With this expert knowledge, you can then identify wagers that give you a great chance of winning. 

The same goes for bet types. If you only analyze one form of niche gambling, such as the number of throw-ins per game, you are more likely to develop unique knowledge which can give you a competitive advantage over the bookmakers.

Hunt For Value Bets

While bookmakers are tough to beat and employ smart people to crunch the numbers, they sometimes make mistakes and get their odds wrong. For example, one of the strategies is make errors when offering odds include trying to attract gamplers, using an unreliable model, not knowing enough about a particular market or not reacting quickly enough to a change in circumstance.

If you closely watch the football markets and react fast enough, you can place wagers with amazing odds. Some gamblers track down value wagers by just scrolling through all different markets and sites in hopes of striking gold. While more sophisticated punters use software that alerts them when odds seem skewed in the bettor’s favor.

Live Bets on Losing Favorites

Thanks to the explosion in the popularity of live football gambling, a whole plethora of new strategies have emerged. One of the most common wagering tactics is to find a football match where a heavy favorite is losing and then place a wager on them to win the contest. Smart gamblers have realized that many gambling sites adjust the odds too aggressively when a favorite is losing, which can present great value for patient gamblers who are willing to take some risk. 

Punters should keep an eye out for situations when a big-time title contender club is down one goal to a lowly ranked team. This situation is often a great time to test your luck and back the pre-match favorite heavily, as high-level clubs are often able to rise to the occasion and mount impressive comebacks. 

Put the Strategies to the Test and Make Some Bets Today!

Football gambling is not easy, but if you employ some of our strategies such as laying off bets on an exchange, becoming a specialist, always searching for value bets, and backing losing favorites you have a great chance of coming home a winner.